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Snapshots from a kaleidoscopic mind

Moto: People are stupid

16 February
I am a Senior Systems Consultant for a system integrator. What this basically means is that I am a professional computer nerd. I feel in love with computers from the time that my brother first brought home our first home computer (an Apple. Cope). Along the way I have managed somehow to turn a hobby into a job and am deliriously happy about it (except for the weird hours and 56 hour days on occasion. *GRIN*) Along the way I developed a love of science fiction and especially fantasy (what young girl doesn't dream of unicorns?). This lead to copious reading of comic books and eventually to writing (reluctantly).

I also enjoy cooking...especially recreation cooking. I dabble in origami and anything else that will keep my little hands busy.

I am of the short attention span set and I will try just about anything. At least once. I am way to curious and want to know everything (and I do mean everything). I know I will fail but trying is fun.

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And this is for Kelly who believed that one can never have too many rainbows:

I have decided that my profile is terribly boring. And this I am introducing a new section which I will update from time to time:

Random things about me:

I am easily distracted by shiny objects
It was said about me once that "I would walk off a cliff if there was a pretty enough cloud."
I am a writer but I don't like my work to be read.
Bridges make me nervous.
I am terrified of spiders.

My love of cooking stems from childhood family events where my mom and aunts would get together and cook. I barely remember the events but I remember the feelings and associations with food.

I don't remember most of my childhood. And the memories I do have, I liken to walking through a dark gallery where all of the pictures are turned away from you. Every once in a while one will turn around and I see a snapshot.

I have an excellent memory.
I am terribly scatterbrained.
I think ferrets are the perfect pets.
I have a huge collection of buttons with witty sayings.
The buttons cover a single t-shirt to form button-mail.

My love of comics started when I got really sick and broke into my brothers borrowed collection of old comics.
I never knew who he borrowed it from until I ended up telling the story during an RPG session 20 years later.
I loved Ray Bradbury until I met him.
I read my entire grade school library - including reference.
My love of fantasy started with Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.
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